About Brandon Tait


Brandon Tait is a hardworking, self-motivated individual with a fine eye for detail.

He is passionate about everything he puts his mind to and does not quit until the job is done!

He strives on helping others build the lives they see for themselves. At a young age, Brandon grew a passion for real estate and began investing in the market since then his love for the industry has only thrived. Brandon has turned his Real Estate career into a lifestyle working alongside his Fiancée Victoria and always striving to be a role model for his son Leo. 

Prior to Real Estate Brandon was a Hair Stylist for 6 years and took the path on becoming his own boss at a young age so that there were no limits In life and for him to excel at the highest level possible. Brandon took the pleasure of managing a clientele base of 357 lifelong clients and was able to exceed expectations even when they didn’t seem possible. 

While maintaining a five-star business Brandon continued to show his passion, hard work and his fine eye for detail till he decided to hang up the tools and pursue his Real Estate career.  

Brandon is a strong believer that no matter what business you are in that building relationships with your clients, having great communication skills and having a strong level of honesty is the heart of any business!

His goal as a Real Estate agent and as a team is to connect with customers more authentically, to market ideas more imaginatively, to come up with innovative solutions to make a meaningful mark on everyone we help!